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Natural Shea Butter Whipped - Yellow

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Grade A, unprocessed shea butter that is 100% pure and organic. Imported from West Africa with hydrating and healing properties of vitamins “A”, “E” and “F”. 

Our unique whipped shea butter is 100% natural and provides extreme hydration to dry damaged skin. Its healing anti-oxidant properties help to heal and provide protection from UV rays as it restores skins natural elasticity. Its rich, creamy texture absorbs easily into  skin and hair and is  gentle enough to condition and calm dry sensitive skin; a must for the whole family. 

Nourishing shea butter properties revitalize dry damaged hair and help to increase circulation to skin and scalp, restoring smooth soft skin and healthy, shiny hair.

Use: Excellent for those extra dry spots; elbows, knuckles, knees, heels, and feet.