Pearl Beauty Supply 1: Gold AHA Brightening Lotion HYDROQUINONE FREE 350ml Skincare

1: Gold AHA Brightening Lotion HYDROQUINONE FREE 350ml

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(1: PREPARE) Exfoliating and Clarifying 

Description: Formulated with aggressive AHA, Glycolic Acid softens and hydrates skin, revitalizing texture of dull uneven skin tone, giving it a brighter, more youthful appearance.

How to use: For quick and effective absorption of GOLD skincare apply AHA Body lotion to dry cleansed  areas of the body, preferably at night. Let dry. Avoid sun exposure.

Caution: Glycolic Acid can make the skin sensitive to sunlight during the day, therefore it is not recommended for daytime use. If skin feels dry or irritated, apply GOLD Rejuvenating Moisture Lotion.  If body is exposed to sunlight, follow up with&nbspSPF 50 Skin Protect daily to maintain even skin tone.

Tip: Many consumers do not want to use lightening products with Hydroquinone hence F&W has added AHA to this product as a replacement for non-hydroquinone users. After you have achieved your lightening results with more aggressive lightening products, AHA’s should be considered to maintain even toned results.

Main Ingredient: Glycolic Acid

350 ml